Sculptural Design


Foxcovet Copper

Tony Livingstone, studied at Swindon School of Art and Design and started his design career as a development engineer for Hasbro, one of the worlds leading toy and games manufacturer's, having spent over twenty years,  as a Senior Designer, working on  Global brands such as Transformers, Action Man, Monopoly, etc, Tony Explains that his core skills are  in developing innovative, unique designs.  "After working for a large global manufacturer I was drawn  into  working in metal because of it's enduring qualities, that along with the desire to learn traditional timeless skills .

Metal structures can create visually striking forms with added depths and inherent contrasting properties, this combination can produce some wonderful sculptural designs. Translating these characteristics into firstly stool  and other pieces requires a combination of  high level precision,  old fashion  manual engineering,  allied with the cohesive subtlety of a traditional crafted  finish. These elements combined  to produce what I feel is a unique, well proportioned, functional and balanced designs ".

The Stools specifically are an exclusive proprietary registered design hand crafted in Oxfordshire using traditional engineering presses and tools, and techniques.   All other designs are one offs and totally  unique.