Exclusive Designer Metal Stools


Foxcovet Red


FoxCovet Red is available in self coloured polished aluminium finish with multilayer colour defintion red seat.

the stool seat is organically shaped and crafted from a single 2 inch thick single piece  English Ash . Further to shaping and sanding the disruptive flame fired pattern is individually applied to create a unique finish, this is then resanded, toned and varnished several times. 
Each FoxCovet (TM) Metal stool is a unique hand crafted individual piece of furniture . As an addition the etched pattern can be applied. Also Custom Designs can be discussed


£520.00 with etched panels


Arctic FoxCovet
Arctic FoxCovet is available in etched patterned (Arctic)or(Urban) polished aluminium finish with multi layer limed and waxed 2 inch thick solid ash blonde seat and feet. 
Each FoxCovet Metal stool is a unique hand crafted individual piece of furniture .
Custom Designs can be discussed.


includes etched panels

​© 2016 FoxCovet Metal Stool by (TMl Design)

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