Foxcovet Exclusive Designer Metal Stools

The FoxCovet (TM)Metal Stool

Each Stool is an exclusive registered design by Tony Livingstone, only available from Foxcovet. Hand crafted from predominantly Aluminium, and solid English Ash wood. The components are hand cut, hand shaped, punched, filed and riveted. The Metal forming is performed using Vintage English die press machines, english wheel and other traditional metalworking

 techniques. The patterned finish is made with a bespoke knife cut design which is the manually etched to each of the contoured panels. In order to offset the perfect symmetry of the

elliptical aluminium frame, the stool seat is specifically organically shaped and crafted from a single 2 inch thick piece English Ash block. Further to shaping and sanding the styled finish is individually applied to create a unique look, this is then resanded, toned and varnished, limed or waxed, several times. 

The feet are hand cut,and individually crafted from eco sourced hardwoods, and again the unique finish is then individually applied to each.


Each FoxCovet (TM) Metal stool is a unique hand crafted individual piece of furniture .